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Designer Eyeglasses

Almost all the leading brands, such as Masunaga, Lindberg, Alain Mikli, Roberto Cavalli, Gold & Wood Paris, Swarovski, Emily Pucci, Porsche Design to name a few, have introduced a number of designs and models in the market to meet the requirements of the many different types of customers. The quality of these glasses is better than that of ordinary glasses. Moreover, the stylish frames give designer eyeglasses an edge over their peers.

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Choosing the Right Kind of Designer Eyewear
You can wear glasses for convenience or fashion or both. Designer eyewear has gone a long way, and the contemporary designs have the capability to enhance the beauty of your eyes and other facial features brilliantly. Nowadays, eyewear is not limited to correct vision and is extensively used as an element of fashion.

Designer eyewear is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and you can choose the one that complements your face and improves your appearance.

But many of you get confused while buying eyewear, since there are a lot of designs available, and choosing one that matches your face and personality can be tricky. But not to worry, as we are here to solve your problems associated with eyewear shopping. But before jumping into buying glasses, you must decide the purpose of buying them. Ask yourself whether you wish to buy them solely for fashion, or if you wish to correct your vision, to protect your eyes from sunlight, to drive, read, and so on. Well, for most of you, fashion is the most important purpose, along with other reasons, for buying eyeglasses.

Reading glasses are designed for those who spend a good amount of time reading documents on paper or on digital screens. Sunglasses are meant to provide protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun while driving glasses can help you eliminate sight related difficulties that can arise while driving. The right kind of eye ware will improve you vision as well as make you look trendy and fashion forward. After determining the purpose of the eyewear you should concentrate on the shape and style of the frames that suit you best. In order to determine that you must figure out the type of face you have. Everyone’s facial features are different, and so are the shapes of their faces. By determining the shape of your face, you can select the appropriate eyewear that will complement your face. Hence, determining the shape of your face is one of the most important considerations that you have to make when buying a suitable pair of glasses. So, listed below are the different types of face shapes along with the appropriate frame recommendations.

Oval Shape: Oval is a common type of face shape. A round chin, forehead, and cheeks are what give the face an oval appearance. Eyewear with a wider frame or a walnut-shaped frame is suitable for an oval-shaped face. You mustn’t buy small-framed glasses, as they will make your face look bigger than normal in case your face is oval.

Rectangle Shape: A rectangle face features a flat or square-shaped chin and a straight and prominent jaw line. This kind of face shape is more common in men than in women. Medium square frames are best suited for a rectangular face. You can also try frames with low bridges, which can help in shortening the long appearance of your rectangular face.

Triangle Shape: As the name suggests, a triangle-shaped face is a face with a triangular base and straight or rounded forehead. This type of face has a broader forehead and narrows down towards the chin. A person with this face shape must choose a frame that minimizes the triangular appearance of the face. Rimless glasses are best suited for triangular faces, and glasses with very thin frames can also serve the purpose.

Diamond-Shaped Face: The rarely seen diamond-shaped face is a face with a sharp and wide jaw line that narrows towards the chin and broad cheekbones that narrow towards the forehead, similar to the shape of a diamond. Light and thin-framed glasses are best suited for such a face shape, and you can also try rimless glasses if your face is diamond-shaped.
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