The Weather Outside Is Frightful: Keep Your Eyes Protected with Designer Sunglasses

With summer behind us and the days growing cooler, you may think you no longer need your sunglasses.

But as SIHT Optical, Kitchener-Waterloo’s leading provider of trendy and stylish eyewear, tells our customers, having a pair of quality designer sunglasses is just as important during the winter as it is during the summer.

If you face a long commute to and from work, you know the value of having a pair of quality designer sunglasses at any time during the year. With wet driving conditions during the winter and the sun reflecting off the ice and snow, having a good pair of sunglasses can literally be a lifesaver by allowing you to see better and drive safely by cutting down on glare off of snow.

And speaking of glare, if you participate in outdoor winter sports such as skiing, you’ve doubtlessly had trouble seeing after being outdoors on a sunny day with no protective eyewear on. Not only will wearing a pair of quality designer sunglasses from SIHT Optical make you look fashionable while hitting the slopes, it will also save your sight since the glare from snow can cause damage to your eyes.

Snow blindness is a condition that affects people who spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter. It can damage the cornea of the eye for up to a week, so be sure to wear a pair of quality sunglasses when you’re heading out for a day of snowmobiling or skiing.

UV rays from the sun are something you have to deal with year-round, but in the winter, the sun reflects off of snow, magnifying the UV rays and causing damage such as cataracts. When looking for a pair of sunglasses for the winter, make sure they provide UV protection.

If you’re going to wear sunglasses while participating in winter sports, it goes without saying that you should select a pair of sunglasses made from sturdy material that will hold up to everything your active lifestyle throws at them while still looking great. SIHT Optical offers a range of styles that vary from the latest trends to more practical, yet still attractive and fashionable designs.

With winter fast approaching (and it is coming, whether we like it or not!), SIHT Optical has unveiled a complete line of designer sunglasses ideally suited to the winter. Whether you’re hitting the slopes for skiing or snowboarding every weekend or you’re just looking for a pair of shades to help you drive comfortably, we have something that’s ideally suited to you.

Beyond the practical reasons for owning a pair of quality sunglasses during the winter, you’re doubtlessly looking for accessories for your winter wardrobe. A pair of designer sunglasses from SIHT Optical provides the perfect complement to the warmer clothing you’re going to wear over the next few months.

No matter what your reason for purchasing a new pair of designer sunglasses is, SIHT Optical has a pair that’s uniquely suited to you!

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